Oxford Holography Group

Philipp Kleinert

Research Interests

I am a fourth year PhD student at the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics working under the supervision of Andrei Starinets. My area of research is the AdS/CFT correspondence, or more generally gauge/string dualities and holography. These describe deep and surprising connections between theories of gravity (string theory and supergravity) and lower dimensional gauge theories. Moreover, they link the non-perturbative regime of gauge theories to the perturbative regime of gravity and vice versa. My current work is focused on using the correspondence to understand non-equilibrium processes in field theories. In particular, I study thermalization of field theories after quantum quenches by analysing dual collapsing shell models and black hole formation.



+44 (0)1865 273985

Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics
University of Oxford
1 Keble Road, Oxford, OX1 3NP
United Kingdom