Oxford Holography Group


Postdoctoral positions

Three new postdoctoral positions at The Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford, to work on gauge-string duality and non-equilibrium holography are available from 1 Oct 2014 for three years. The research is funded by the European Research Council grant awarded to Dr Andrei Starinets in 2012. Nationals of any country are eligible to apply. The (sharp) deadline for applications was 1 Dec 2013.


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PhD positions

To apply for PhD (DPhil) positions in the group, please follow the standard path for applying to Oxford Theoretical Physics graduate program indicating "Dr A Starinets" in the section "potential supervisor" on the application form. Please note that all applications are considered (and relevant decisions are made) by the Graduate Admissions committee unrelated to the Holography group. The Holography group has no funds to support future PhD positions. If you are admitted to PhD program in Particle Theory, you may further apply for a place in the Holography group - the final decision regarding supervisor allocations is made by the Particle Theory group in late October of your first academic year in Oxford. The Holography group has a capacity for one new graduate student.