Oxford Holography Group

Oxford Holography research group members

Current Members:

Andrei Starinets (University Lecturer): Personal Website, Publications

Ben Meiring (DPhil Student, 3rd year)

Chris Herzog (Faculty at King's College, London and long-term visitor at U.Oxford): Publications

Jorge Casalderrey-Solana (Faculty at U.Barcelona and Royal Society Research Fellow at U.Oxford (on leave)): Publications

Group Members travel schedule: Calendar

Past Members:

Chris Eling (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2014-2017): Publications

Tomas Andrade (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2014-2017): Publications

Andrej Ficnar (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2014-2016): Publications

Ville Keranen (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2013-2016): Publications

Andrew O'Bannon (Royal Society Research Fellow 2013-2015, currently Faculty at U.Southampton): Publications

Dimitrios Giataganas (Visitor from U.Athens 2014-15): Publications

Nikola Ivanov Gushterov (DPhil Student, 2014-2018): Publications

Jonas Probst (DPhil Student, 2013-2017): Publications

Philipp Kleinert (DPhil Student, 2013 - 2017): Publications

Saso Grozdanov (DPhil Student 2010-2014): Publications

Nikos Kaplis (DPhil Student 2009-2013): Publications

Richard Davison (DPhil Student 2008-2012): Publications