Oxford Holography Group

Publications by members of the group

(*) indicates publications supported by the by the European Research Council under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (ERC Grant agreement 307955)


(*) T. Andrade, A. Krikun, K. Schalm and J. Zaanen,
Doping the holographic Mott insulator,
arXiv:1710.05791 [hep-th].

(*) T. Andrade, M. Baggioli, A.Krikun and N. Poovuttikul,
Pinning of longitudinal phonons in holographic spontaneous helices,
arXiv:1708.08306 [hep-th].

(*) Christopher Eling,
Holography and AdS2 gravity with a dynamical aether,
arXiv:1705.04334 [hep-th, gr-qc].

Maximilian Attems, Jorge Casalderrey-Solana, David Mateos, Daniel Santos-Oliván, Carlos F. Sopuerta, Miquel Triana, Miguel Zilhão,
Paths to equilibrium in non-conformal collisions,
JHEP 1706 (2017) 154
arXiv:1703.09681 [hep-th, nucl-th, gr-qc].

Maximilian Attems, Yago Bea, Jorge Casalderrey-Solana, David Mateos, Miquel Triana, Miguel Zilhao,
Phase Transitions, Inhomogeneous Horizons and Second-Order Hydrodynamics,
JHEP 1706 (2017) 129
arXiv:1703.02948 [hep-th].

(*) Andres Anabalon, Tomas Andrade, Dumitru Astefanesei, Robert Mann,
Universal Formula for the Holographic Speed of Sound,
arXiv:1702.00017 [hep-th].

(*) Tomas Andrade, Alexander Krikun,
Commensurate lock-in in holographic non-homogeneous lattices,
JHEP 1703 (2017) 168
arXiv:1701.04625 [hep-th, cond-mat.str-el].


Jorge Casalderrey-Solana, Doga Can Gulhan, José Guilherme Milhano, Daniel Pablos, Krishna Rajagopal,
The angular structure of jet quenching within a hybrid strong/weak coupling model,
Proceedings for conference Hard Probes 2016
arXiv:1612.09238 [hep-th].

(*) Andy O'Bannon, Jonas Probst, Ronnie Rodgers, Christoph F. Uhlemann,
A First Law of Entanglement Rates from Holography,
arXiv:1612.07769 [hep-th].

(*) Johanna Erdmenger, Carlos Hoyos, Andy O'Bannon, Ioannis Papadimitriou, Jonas Probst, Jackson M. S. Wu,
Two-point Functions in a Holographic Kondo Model,
JHEP 1703 (2017) 039
arXiv:1612.02005 [hep-th].

(*) Christopher Eling,
Spontaneously Broken Asymptotic Symmetries and an Effective Action for Horizon Dynamics,
JHEP 1702 (2017) 052
arXiv:1611.10214 [hep-th, gr-qc].

(*) Johanna Erdmenger, Carlos Hoyos, Andy O'Bannon, Ioannis Papadimitriou, Jonas Probst, Jackson M.S. Wu,
Holographic Kondo and Fano Resonances,
Phys. Rev. D 96, 021901 (2017)
arXiv:1611.09368 [hep-th, cond-mat.str-el].

(*) Tomas Andrade, Alejandra Castro, Diego Cohen-Maldonado,
The Spectrum of Static Subtracted Geometries,
Class.Quant.Grav. 34 (2017) no.9, 095009
arXiv:1611.09330 [hep-th].

(*) Saso Grozdanov, Andrei O. Starinets,
Second-order transport, quasinormal modes and zero-viscosity limit in the Gauss-Bonnet holographic fluid,
JHEP 1703 (2017) 166
arXiv:1611.07053 [hep-th, cond-mat.str-el, gr-qc, nucl-th].

(*) Tomas Andrade, Jorge Casalderrey-Solana, Andrej Ficnar,
Holographic Isotropisation in Gauss-Bonnet Gravity,
JHEP 1702 (2017) 016
arXiv:1610.08987 [hep-th].

Jorge Casalderrey-Solana, Doga Can Gulhan, José Guilherme Milhano, Daniel Pablos, Krishna Rajagopal,
A Comprehensive Analysis of Jet Quenching via a Hybrid Strong/Weak Coupling Model for Jet-Medium Interactions,
Nucl.Phys. A956 (2016) 613-616

(*) Philipp Kleinert, Jonas Probst,
Second-Order Hydrodynamics and Universality in Non-Conformal Holographic Fluids,
JHEP 1612 (2016) 091
arXiv:1610.01081 [hep-th].

(*) Tomas Andrade, Elena Caceres, Cynthia Keeler,
Boundary Causality vs Hyperbolicity for Spherical Black Holes in Gauss-Bonnet,
Class.Quant.Grav. 34 (2017) no.13, 135003
arXiv:1610.06078 [hep-th, gr-qc].

(*) Chris Eling,
New Asymptotically Lifshitz Black Holes in Horava gravity,
Phys. Rev. D 94, 126017 (2016)
arXiv:1610.05967 [hep-th, gr-qc].

J.Casalderrey-Solana, D.Mateos, W.van der Schee, M.Triana,
Holographic heavy ion collisions with baryon charge,
JHEP 1609 (2016) 108
arXiv:1607.05273 [hep-th].

(*) S.Grozdanov, N.Kaplis, A.O.Starinets,
From strong to weak coupling in holographic models of thermalization,
JHEP 1607 (2016) 151
arXiv:1605.02173 [hep-th].

(*) C.Eling, Y.Oz,
On the Membrane Paradigm and Spontaneous Breaking of Horizon BMS Symmetries,
JHEP 1607 (2016) 065
arXiv:1605.00183 [hep-th].

M.Attems, J.Casalderrey-Solana, D.Mateos, I.Papadimitriou, D.Santos-Oliván, C.F.Sopuerta, M.Triana, M.Zilhao,
Thermodynamics, transport and relaxation in non-conformal theories,
JHEP 1610 (2016) 155
arXiv:1603.01254 [hep-ph].

(*) T.Andrade,
A simple model of momentum relaxation in Lifshitz holography
arXiv:1602.00556 [cond-mat,gr-qc].

(*) J.Casalderrey-Solana and A.Ficnar,
Holographic 3-jet events,
Nucl. Part. Phys. Proc. 276-278, 115 (2016).


J.Casalderrey-Solana, D.Pablos, K.Tywoniuk,
Two-gluon emission and interference in a thin QCD medium: insights into jet formation
JHEP 1611 (2016) 174
arXiv:1512.07561 [hep-ph].

(*) T.Andrade, S.Gentle, B.Withers,
Drude in D major,
JHEP 1606 (2016) 134
arXiv:1512.06263 [hep-th].

(*) A.Krikun, T.Andrade,
Commensurability effects in holographic homogeneous lattices,
JHEP 1605 (2016) 039
arXiv:1512.02465 [hep-th].

(*) J.Casalderrey-Solana, A.Ficnar,
Holographic Three-Jet Events in Strongly Coupled N=4 Yang-Mills Plasma,
arXiv:1512.00371 [hep-ph].

(*) V.Keränen, P.Kleinert,
Thermalization of Wightman functions in AdS/CFT and quasinormal modes,
Phys. Rev. D 94, 026010 (2016)
arXiv:1511.08187 [hep-th].

(*) A.O'Bannon, I. Papadimitriou, J.Probst,
A Holographic Two-Impurity Kondo Model,
JHEP 1601 (2016) 103
arXiv:1510.08123 [hep-th,cond-mat.str-el].

K.Jensen, A.O'Bannon,
A Constraint on Defect and Boundary Renormalization Group Flows,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 091601 (2016)
arXiv:1509.02160 [hep-th].

(*) J.Järvelä, V.Keränen, E.Kesko-Vakurri,
Conformal quantum mechanics and holographic quench,
Phys. Rev. D 93, 046002 (2016)
arXiv:1509.01092 [hep-th].

(*) T.Andrade, D.Marolf,
Asymptotic Symmetries from finite boxes,
Class.Quant.Grav. 33 (2016) 1, 015013
arXiv:1508.02515 [gr-qc].

J. Casalderrey-Solana, D.C.Gulhan, J.G.Milhano, D.Pablos, K. Rajagopal,
Predictions for Boson-Jet Observables and Fragmentation Function Ratios from a Hybrid Strong/Weak Coupling Model for Jet Quenching,
JHEP 1603 (2016) 053
arXiv:1508.00815 [hep-ph].

(*) R.Rougemont, A.Ficnar, S.Finazzo, J.Noronha,
Energy loss, equilibration, and thermodynamics of a baryon rich strongly coupled quark-gluon plasma,
JHEP 1604 (2016) 102
arXiv:1507.06556 [hep-th].

(*) T.Andrade, W.R.Kelly, D.Marolf, J.E.Santos,
On the stability of gravity with Dirichlet walls,
Class.Quant.Grav. 32 (2015) no.23, 235006
arXiv:1504.07580 [gr-qc].

k-Strings as Fundamental Strings,
JHEP 1505 (2015) 134
arXiv:1503.09180 [hep-th].

(*) T.Andrade, W.R.Kelly, D.Marolf,
Einstein-Maxwell Dirichlet walls, negative kinetic energies, and the adiabatic approximation for extreme black holes,
Class.Quant.Grav. 32 (2015) 195017
arXiv:1503.03915 [gr-qc].

D.Giataganas and N.Irges,
On the holographic width of flux tubes,
JHEP 1505 (2015) 105
arXiv:1502.05083 [hep-th].

(*) C.Eling and Y.Oz,
The Anomalous Scaling Exponents of Turbulence in General Dimension from Random Geometry,
JHEP 1509 (2015) 150
arXiv:1502.03069 [nlin.CD].

(*) V.Keranen, H.Nishimura, S.Stricker, O.Taanila and A.Vuorinen,
Gravitational collapse of thin shells: Time evolution of the holographic entanglement entropy,
JHEP 1506 (2015) 126
arXiv:1502.01277 [hep-th].


(*) T.Andrade and S.A.Gentle,
Relaxed superconductors,
JHEP 1506 (2015) 140
arXiv:1412.6521 [hep-th].

(*) S.Grozdanov and A.O.Starinets,
On the universal identity in second order hydrodynamics,
JHEP 1503 (2015) 007
arXiv:1412.5685 [hep-th].

(*) S.Grozdanov and A.O.Starinets,
Zero-viscosity limit in a holographic Gauss-Bonnet liquid,
Theor. Math. Phys. 182, no. 1, 61 (2015) [Teor. Mat. Fiz. 182, no. 1, 76 (2014)].

(*) V.Keranen and P.Kleinert,
Non-equilibrium scalar two point functions in AdS/CFT,
JHEP 1504, 119 (2015),
arXiv:1412.2806 [hep-th].

(*) T.Andrade, C.Keeler, A.Peach and S.F.Ross,
Schrödinger Holography with z=2,
Class.Quant.Grav. 32 (2015) 8, 085006
arXiv:1412.0031 [hep-th].

D.Giataganas and K.Goldstein,
Tension of Confining Strings at Low Temperature
JHEP 1502, 123 (2015)
arXiv:1411.4995 [hep-th].

(*) V.Keranen, H.Nishimura, S.Stricker, O.Taanila and A.Vuorinen,
Dynamics of gravitational collapse and holographic entropy production,
Phys. Rev. D 90, no. 6, 064033 (2014),
arXiv:1405.7015 [hep-th].

(*) V.Keranen,
Chern-Simons interactions in AdS3 and the current conformal block,
arXiv:1403.6881 [hep-th].

J.Estes, K.Jensen, A.O'Bannon, E.Tsatis and T.Wrase,
On Holographic Defect Entropy,
JHEP 1405, 084 (2014),
arXiv:1403.6475 [hep-th].

(*) P.Fonda, L.Franti, V.Keränen, E.Keski-Vakkuri, L.Thorlacius and E.Tonni,
Holographic thermalization with Lifshitz scaling and hyperscaling violation,
JHEP 1408, 051 (2014),
arXiv:1401.6088 [hep-th].


J.Erdmenger, C.Hoyos, A.O'Bannon and J.Wu,
A Holographic Model of the Kondo Effect,
JHEP 1312, 086 (2013),
arXiv:1310.3271 [hep-th].