C6 OLD MATERIALS (before 2019-2020)

Course Contents

1. Classical Field Theory

2. Canonical Quantisation of Fields

3. Interacting Quantum Fields

4. Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics

5. Quantum Many-Particle Systems

6. Phase Transitions

7. Stochastic Processes

Lecture Notes HT 2018 

(for C6) (for Advanced Quantum Theory)

Lecture Notes MT 2017

The first lecture notes on Classical Field Theory

The second lecture notes on Canonical Quantisation

The third lecture notes on Interacting Quantum Fields

The fourth lecture notes on Path Integrals

Problem Sheets

Problem Sheet 1 (MT17)

Problem Sheet 2 (MT17)

Problem Sheet 3 (MT17)

Problem Sheet 4 (MT17)

Problem Sheet 5 (HT18)

Problem Sheet 6 (HT18)

Revision Sheet 2 (TT18)

Problem Classes

Schedule for problem classes (HT2018)
We will use only the classes in 6th and 8th week.

Schedule for problem classes (MT2017)

Old versions of the course

These are for the 2016-2017 course (and also a number of years preceding it), and then an older version from 2010-2011.