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Steven H. Simon


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  • Anyons and Topological Quantum Field Theories, MT 2024
  • Older Courses (Includes Solid State)
  • Research Group:

  • Jovan Jovanovic
  • Ziwei Wang
  • Domagoj Perkovic
  • Tevz Lotric
  • Research Group Alumni:

  • Rahul Roy (UCLA Faculty)
  • Fiona Burnell (UMN Faculty)
  • Simon Davenport (Cambridge postdoc -> Hedge Fund)
  • Jesper Romers (Language Processing, Berlin)
  • Eliot Kapit (Cororado School of Mines Faculty)
  • Curt von Keyserlingk (Kings College London Faculty)
  • Fenner Harper (UCLA postdoc)
  • Thomas Scaffidi (UC Irvine Faculty)
  • Zohar Ringel (Hebrew University Faculty)
  • Roberto Bondesan (Imperial CS Faculty)
  • Arijeet Pal (Univesity College London Faculty)
  • Richard Fern (Finance Industry)
  • Abi Kulshreshtha (Consulting)
  • Dung Ngyuen (Group Leader, IBS Korea)
  • Thorsten Wahl (Cambridge University Postdoc)
  • Henrick Roising (Nordita Postdoc)
  • Felix Flicker (Faculty Bristol)
  • Glenn Wagner (Zurich Postdoc)
  • Joe Huxford (Toronto Postdoc)
  • Greg Henderson (Finance)

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    Steven Simon
    Professor of Physics and
    Professorial Fellow of Somerville College

    The Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics
    Clarendon Laboratory
    Parks Road
    Oxford, OX1 3PU
    Room 70.06 Beecroft Building
    Phone: +44 (0)1865 273954
    Email: steven dot simon at physics dot ox dot ac dot uk

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    Last updated: 2022