Previous Students I have worked with*

(updated December 2011)

Anna Lopatnikova
Bell GRPW Summer Student (1998, 1999)
Coauthored 3 papers (most of a PhD thesis)
PhD Harvard 2003
Financial Industry / Consulting
Noelle Ibrahim
Bell GRPW Summer Student (1999)
PhD Columbia 2006
Financial Industry
Yaroslav Tserkovnyak
Visiting Summer Student (2000)
Coauthored 1 paper
PhD Harvard  2003
Faculty UCLA Department of Physics
Gunnar Moller
International Student (2004, before starting grad school)
See frequent collaborators list
PhD Univerite Paris Sud 2006
Postdoctoral Royal Society Fellow, Cambridge University
Luca Marinelli
Harvard Graduate Student
PhD 2003
General Electric Research
(See postdoc list below)
Nurit Baytch
Bell GRPW Summer Student (2004? )
S.M. MIT 2006
Ilya Berdnikov
Rutgers Lucent Fellow
Coauthored 2 papers. Primary PhD advisor
PhD Rutgers 2008
Financial Industry
Nada Petrovic
Bell GRPW Summer Student (2005)
Coauthored one paper
PhD UCSB, 2011
Earth Institute, Columbia University
Mara Baraban
Bell GRPW Summer Student (2005)
Coauthored 2 papers
PhD Yale, 2010
Lincoln Labs
Fiona Burnell
Princeton Graduate Student
Coauthored Opus Magnum
PhD 2009
Faculty University of Minnesota
(See postdoc list below)
Roni Ilan
Visiting Grad Student 2009
PhD Weizmann, 2010
Postdoc at Berkeley
Simon Davenport
Oxford Grad Student 2009-2012
DPhil 2012
Postdoc at Cambridge University -> Hedge Fund
Curt von Keyserlingk
Oxford Grad Student 2010-
DPhil 2014 Princeton PCTS Fellowship
Fenner Harper
Oxford Grad Student 2011-
DPhil 2015
Postdoc UCLA
Thomas Scaffidi
Oxford Grad Student 2012-
DPhil Expected 2016ish

Richard Fern
Oxford Grad Student 2014-
DPhil Expected 2018

Abi Kulshreshtha
Rhodes Scholar 2015-
DPhil Expected 2018

* Who is included and who is not included on this table is a bit of a subjective matter. As an arbitrary rule I inlcude students in collaborations where I was the only senior collaborator and I include students where I was their official supervisor for some period.

Previous Postdocs I have worked with*

(still working to put this together - I hate writing html)

Aris Moustakas
Bell Postdoc (1998, 1999)
See Frequent Collaborator List
University of Athens faculty
Joel Moore
Bell Postdoc (2002-2004)
Berkeley faculty
Luca Marinelli
Bell Postdoc (2004-2005)
General Electric Research
Alex Punnoose
Bell Postdoc (2002-2005)
City University of New York faculty
Fiona Burnell
Oxford 2009-2013
University of Minnesota faculty
Rahul Roy
Oxford 2009-2011
UCLA faculty
Jesper Romers
Oxford 2011-2013
University of Berlin Postdoc (Biophysics)
Eliot Kapit
Oxford 2012-2014
Tulane faculty (2015-)
Zohar Ringel
Oxford 2013-

*Again there is some subjectivity to this list. I think I have included those who would have conisdered me to be their main supervisor.