The book "Topological Quantum" has recently been published by Oxford University Press. Here is the cover

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Here are the Chapter Abstracts so you can see what is contained.
List of Known Errors in the Book is Here

You can also download the

Free Draft of Book "Topological Quantum"

I have made this draft version here available freely.

The final version is, of course, much more polished with more errors corrected, better explanations in some places, and a few more chapters --- so please buy the final version when it becomes available.

That said, the draft version of the book has several chapters (35-39) on the subject of quantum Hall effect which have been removed from the final version of the book. The reason for this removal is that quantum Hall effect is a huge subject and even remotely doing it justice would have required much more space, so I decided to remove it from this book with the hopes of putting this topic in a different book at a later time.