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Tuesdays, 1-4pm, 741 Blackett (unless indicated otherwise)

These are informal meetings where we will discuss ongoing research projects.
Sometimes we will discuss more broadly topics of interest and meet academic visitors currently at Imperial.
For background reading, only the most relevant or the most recent reference is given; please follow the paper trail from there.
These meetings are not open to the public, unless indicated otherwise.

Autumn 2007
Winter-Spring 2008

Summer 2008

As usual during the summer, there will be many visitors (mostly from the US) and we will try to make progress on many projects simulataneously, but also to show our guests some good times in London. There will also be two undergraduate researchers joining us at Imperial, Alfred Mallet (Cambridge) and Peter Watson (Oxford).

Date Time Topic Background Reading Main Speaker(s) Visitors Expected
Tue 3 June 1pm Dynamics of the nonlinear firehose instability (his UKMHD talk). PRL 100, 081301 (2008) Mark Rosin
GK turbulence: through phase space to dissipation (my EPS talk, sort of). A new preprint, arXiv:0806.1069; I'll appreciate comments and criticisms! Alex Schekochihin
9-13 June EPS Plasma Physics Conference.
Tue 17 June No group meeting.
Tue 24 June 1pm Fast particle interaction with Alfven modes in tokamaks. AIP Conf. Proc. 871, 15 (2006) Boris Breizman Boris Breizman (IFS, Texas)
Tue 1 July No group meeting.  
Tue 8 July No group meeting. Michael Barnes (Maryland) is visiting 10-12 July; he is giving a seminar in Culham on July 11 @2pm
Tue 15 July 1pm Entropy cascade in gyrokinetic phase space (continued from June 3). arXiv:0806.1069 Tomo Tatsuno Tomo Tatsuno (Maryland)
Thu 17 July1pm, CulhamThe 1st Culham Theory Fest, featuring Arthur Peeters (Warwick), Howard Wilson (York) and Steve Cowley (the new Culham Director).
Tue 22 July1pm Nonlinear processes associated with kinetic Alfven waves in a laboratory plasma.
This meeting is open to the public.
PRL 96, 155001 (2006) Troy CarterTroy Carter (UCLA),
Tomo Tatsuno (Maryland)
Troy is also giving a seminar at the Culham MAST science meeting on July 21, on his DIII-D work.
Tue 29 July 1pm Onset of turbulence in resistive drift wave turbulence. PoP 14, 102312 (2007) Ryusuke Numata Ryusuke Numata (Maryland),
Tomo Tatsuno (Maryland)
Update on GK reconection studies at Maryland and Dartmouth.PoP 11, 5387 (2004)
PoP 14, 092110 (2007)
Tue 5 Aug 1pm Generation of current corrugations and their effect on the tearing mode. Generation of zonal magnetic fields:
PRL 87, 015001 (2001) (theory)
PRL 98, 165001 (2007) (exp.)
Effect on tearing mode:
Nucl. Fusion 30, 1143 (1990) - scanned reprint
Fulvio Militello Steve Cowley (Culham),
Fulvio Militello (Culham),
Ryusuke Numata (Maryland),
Gabe Plunk (UCLA),
Tomo Tatsuno (Maryland)
During the week of 11-16 August, we will have an informal workshop with short (<2 hours) meetings every day in the morning
Mon 11 Aug 11am Solar wind turbulence measurements (continued from Feb 19). Chris's transfer report - ask him for a copy Chris Chen Michael Barnes (Maryland),
Steve Cowley (Culham),
Bill Dorland (Maryland),
Greg Hammett (Princeton),
Ryusuke Numata (Maryland),
Felix Parra (MIT),
Gabe Plunk (UCLA),
Tomo Tatsuno (Maryland)
Tue 12 Aug11am 2D gyrokinetic turbulence; phase-space cascades (continued from July 15). arXiv:0806.1069
arXiv:0704.0044 (sec 7 and Appendix F)
Gabe Plunk
Wed 13 Aug 11am Extension of gyrokinetics to transport time scales. PPCF 50, 065014 (2008) Felix Parra
2pmGS2 development meeting: Abel, Barnes, Colyer, Dorland, Hammett, Loureiro, Numata, Reshko, Roach, Tatsuno (everyone else welcome too).
Thu 14 Aug 2pm, Culham The 2nd Culham Theory Fest featuring Bill Dorland and Greg Hammett double bill.
Fri 15 Aug 11am Large-aspect-ratio reconnection; reconnection in the presence of turbulence (continued from Feb 5). Plasmoids:
PoP 14, 100703 (2007)
Reconnection + turbulence:
ApJ 517, 700 (1999)
Nuno Loureiro
Sat 16 Aug11amITG instability in a sheared slab: theory and simulations (continued from Feb 26).on ways to deal with a (different) instability in a sheared slab, see ApJ 560, 617 (2001).Edmund Highcock
Tue 19 Aug 1pm Alfven eigenmodes in tokamaks (continued from May 6). AIP Conf. Proc. 871, 15 (2006)  Ian Abel Michael Barnes (Maryland),
Bill Dorland (Maryland),
Greg Hammett (Princeton),
Ryusuke Numata (Maryland),
Gabe Plunk (UCLA),
Tomo Tatsuno (Maryland)
25-29 Aug Varenna Fusion Theory Meeting.
Tue 2 Sept 1pm Numerical experiments on shear dynamo (continued from April 8). Astron. Nachr. 329, 737 (2008) Alfred Mallet and Tarek Yousef François Rincon (Toulouse)
Tue 9 Sept 1pm Weak turbulence of Alfven waves revisited. the usual reprint (also astro-ph/0507686) and follow the weak-turbulence references from there: e.g., ApJ 564, L49 (2002) Alex Schekochihin François Rincon (Toulouse)
Numerical experiments on Alfven-wave turbulence (continued from Dec 11).Peter Watson and Tarek Yousef
15-19 Sept Minicourse and workshop in Vienna.
23-26 Sept EuroMHD, Nice.
Thu 25 Sept1:30pm, CulhamThe 3rd Culham Theory Fest, featuring Jack Connor "Theoretical issues concerning rotation in tokamaks: equilibrium, stability and transport"

Autumn 2008