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Tuesdays, 2-5pm, 741 Blackett (unless indicated otherwise)

These are informal meetings where we will discuss ongoing research projects.
Sometimes we will discuss more broadly topics of interest and meet academic visitors currently at Imperial.
For background reading, only the most relevant or the most recent reference is given; please follow the paper trail from there.
All group members, especially students, are welcome to participate.
These meetings are not open to the public, unless indicated otherwise.

Autumn 2007

Date Time Topic Background Reading Main Speaker(s) Visitors Expected
Tue 16 Oct 2pm Tearing instability of long current sheets and formation of plasmoid chains. astro-ph/0703631 Nuno Loureiro Dmitri Uzdensky (Princeton)
NB: Dr Uzdensky is giving a plasma seminar on Oct 17
Mon 22 Oct 4pm Hierarchies of time dependent PDEs in physics: from Dirac-Maxwell to Euler by asymptotic analysis.
This meeting is open to the public.
reprint distributed by E-mail Norbert Mauser Norbert Mauser (WPI)
Dmitri Uzdensky (Princeton)
Tue 23 Oct No group meeting @IC.
Mark Rosin is giving a first-year transfer report seminar at Cambridge, 1pm, CMS, MR14.
Tue 30 Oct 4pm
(note the late starting time!)
Magnetorotational, magnetoviscous, magnetothermal instabilities: what they are, how they are related and how kinetic effects might enter.
This meeting is open to the public.
ApJ 633, 328 (2005) Steve Balbus Dmitri Uzdensky (Princeton)
Steve Balbus (ENS, Paris)
NB: Prof Balbus is giving a plasma seminar on Oct 31
Tue 6 Nov 2pm Alpha particles and Alfven waves in tokamaks. on derivation of GK in a slab, read ApJ 651, 590 (2006) or Ian's Cambridge Part III essay; on alpha particles, see review PPCF 46, B187 (2004) Ian Abel
Tue 13 Nov 2pm Dynamo meeting in Paris.
Group meeting moved to Wed 14 Nov (see below).
Wed 14 Nov 3pm Measuring magnetic fields from polarised emission in galaxies and galaxy clusters. Astron. Nachr. 327, 626 (2006); for a popular intro to turbulence in galaxy clusters, see PoP 13, 056501 (2006)  André Waelkens André Waelkens (MPA, Garching)
Tue 20 Nov 2pm Rotating tokamak plasmas; ITG instability. on ITG, read Phys Fluids B 3, 2767 (1991) (see also GK derivation of the dispersion relation w/o rotation in Ian's Cambridge Part III essay) Edmund Highcock & Nuno Loureiro André Waelkens (MPA, Garching)
Tue 27 Nov 2pm Numerical gyrokinetics, GS2, velocity-space resolution issues.   preprint distributed by E-mail Michael Barnes Michael Barnes (Maryland)
Tue 4 Dec 2pm Gyrofluid models.
This meeting is open to the public.
PoP 12, 102109 (2005)
PoP 14, 082502 (2007)
Thierry Passot Michael Barnes (Maryland)
François Rincon (Toulouse)
Thierry Passot (OCA, Nice)
NB: Dr Passot is giving a plasma seminar on Dec 5
Tue 11 Dec 2pm Numerical experiments on Alfven-wave turbulence. review of MHD turbulence (also astro-ph/0507686) Tarek Yousef Michael Barnes (Maryland)
NB: Michael is giving a plasma seminar on Dec 12
(swapped with Tarek)
Tue 18 Dec No group meeting.
Tue 25 Dec No group meeting. Russian National High-Energy Astrophysics Meeting.
(Oh, yes, and Merry Xmas to the "Latin heretics"!)
Tue 1 Jan No group meeting. Happy New Year!

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