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Tuesdays, 1-4pm, 741 Blackett (unless indicated otherwise)

These are informal meetings where we will discuss ongoing research projects.
Sometimes we will discuss more broadly topics of interest and meet academic visitors currently at Imperial.
For background reading, only the most relevant or the most recent reference is given; please follow the paper trail from there.
These meetings are not open to the public, unless indicated otherwise.

Autumn 2007

Winter-Spring 2008

Date Time Topic Background Reading Main Speaker(s) Visitors Expected
3-20 Jan All activities are transferred to Los Angeles.
Tue 22 Jan No group meeting.
Tue 29 Jan 1pm Alpha particles and Alfven waves (continued from Nov 6). Posted after the fact: these are the papers Ian mentioned in the meeting
PRL 34, 1428 (1975)
Phys Fluids 24, 1508 (1981)
Phys Fluids B 1, 1949 (1989)
Ian Abel
Tue 5 Feb1pmTearing instability of long current sheets and formation of plasmoid chains (continued from Oct 16).PoP 14. 100703 (2007)Nuno LoureiroRavi Samtaney (PPPL)
NB: Dr Samtaney is giving a seminar in Culham on Friday, 8 Feb @11am
2:30pmAdaptive mesh refinement methods for MHD (with examples from magnetic reconnection simulations).
This part of the meeting is open to the public.
Dr Samtaney's course notesRavi Samtaney
10-15 Feb Minicourse and workshop in Vienna.
Tue 19 Feb 1pm Turbulence measurements in the solar wind. PPCF 47, B705 (2005)
Posted after the meeting: Kareem's paper ApJ 654, L103 (2007)
Chris Chen
Tue 26 Feb 1pm Gyrokinetics in a sheared slab (continued from Nov 20). see the readings for Nov 20 Edmund Highcock and Nuno Loureiro
Tue 4 Mar 1pm Nonlinear theory of the parallel firehose instability with FLR effects. PRL 100, 081301 (2008) (our earlier work on the subject; there is more progress now!) Mark Rosin François Rincon (Toulouse)
Tue 11 Mar 1pm Nonlinear theory of the parallel firehose instability with FLR effects (continued from Mar 4). see the readings for Mar 4 Mark Rosin and Francois Rincon François Rincon (Toulouse)
Tue 18 Mar No group meeting.
Tue 25 Mar 1pm Model collision operators for numerical gyrokinetics. some background material can be found in Appendix B of arXiv:0704.0044 Ian Abel and Michael Barnes  Michael Barnes (Maryland)
1-4 Apr IOP Plasma Meeting  
Tue 8 Apr 1pm Shear dynamo. arXiv:0710.3359 Tarek Yousef Geoffroy Lesur (Cambridge),
François Rincon (via skype from Toulouse)
Density waves in accretion discs (and how we might use these techniques to solve the shear dynamo problem).A&A 443, 1067 (2005)Tobi Heinemann
Tue 15 Apr No group meeting.
Tue 22 Apr No group meeting.
Tue 29 Apr1pmShearing box, MRI turbulence etc. --- a tutorialSteve Balbus's review
ARA&A 41, 555 (2003)
(read the sections on MHD)
Geoffroy LesurGeoffroy Lesur (Cambridge)
Tue 6 May1pmFast-particle diagnostics, hybrid fluid-kinetic models for coupling MHD activity to fast particle kinetics, fast particle orbits in a real tokamak and why we care (continued from Jan 29). On gamma-ray diagnostics, read
Nucl. Fusion 42, 999 (2002)
Nucl. Fusion 45, L21 (2005)
Ian Abel
Tue 13 May2:30pmImplicit methods for MHD.
This part of the meeting is open to the public.
Dr Samtaney's course notesRavi SamtaneyFrançois Rincon (Toulouse),
Ravi Samtaney (PPPL)
Tue 20 May1pmTransport modelling for tokamaks: TGLF model and applications to MAST.PoP 14, 055909 (2007)Greg ColyerFrançois Rincon (Toulouse)
Tue 27 MayNo group meeting.

Summer 2008