Alexander Schekochihin


Thursdays (day change!), 1pm, 741 Blackett,
except when indicated otherwise or on the days when the Culham Theory Seminar is held

These are informal meetings where we will discuss ongoing research projects.
Sometimes we will discuss more broadly topics of interest and meet academic visitors currently at Imperial.
For background reading, only the most relevant or the most recent reference is given; please follow the paper trail from there.
These meetings are not open to the public, unless indicated otherwise.
Please email me if you would like to participate.

Autumn 2007
Winter-Spring 2008

Summer 2008

Autumn 2008

DateTimeTopic(s)ReadingSpeaker(s)Visitors During the Week
29 Sept-3 OctTurbulence Workshop in Cambridge (Newton Institute).Gabe Plunk (UCLA)
5-11 OctCracow conference on kinetic astrophysics.Gabe Plunk (UCLA)
Thu 16 Oct1pmDynamo action by randomly forced shearing waves: a minimal analytical calculation (continued from Sept 2).arXiv:0810.2225Alex SchekochihinGeoffroy Lesur (Cambridge),
Gabe Plunk (UCLA)
Thu 23 Oct2pm, CulhamThe 4th Culham Theory Fest featuring François Waelbroek (IFS, Texas).
[Dr Waelbroek is also giving a Plasma Seminar at Imperial on Wed 22 Oct, 3:30pm in 741 Blackett]
François Waelbroek (IFS, Texas),
Gabe Plunk (UCLA)
Thu 30 Oct1pmLiterature review (15 min): Rechester & Rosenbluth 1978 (diffusion in tangled magnetic field)PRL 40, 38 (1978)Ian AbelCJ Donnelly (Cambridge)
Tutorial on the ballooning formalism for axisymmetric plasmas.classic paper:
Proc. Roy. Soc. A 365, 1 (1979)
recent review:
Plasma Phys. Rep. 32, 539 (2006)
Jack Connor
3-7 NovTurbulence Workshop at Warwick.François Rincon (Toulouse)
Thu 13 Nov2pm, CulhamThe 5th Culham Theory Fest featuring Volker Naulin (Tech U of Denmark) and Paul Dellar (Oxford Maths).François Rincon (Toulouse)
Thu 20 Nov1pmLiterature review (15 min): Boldyrev 2006 (spectrum of MHD turbulence)PRL 96, 115002 (2006)Chris Chen
Long current sheets and plasmoids (continued from Aug 15).Earlier paper on plasmoids:
PoP 14, 100703 (2007)
Nuno Loureiro
Thu 27 Nov1pmITG instability in a sheared slab: theory and simulations (continued from Aug 16).Edmund's transfer report available from him on requestEdmund HighcockColin Roach (Culham)
Thu 4 Dec1pmLiterature review (15 min): Vishniac & Lazarian 1999 (turbulent reconnection)ApJ 517, 700 (1999)Nuno LoureiroLuis Silva (IST, Lisbon)
Relativistic shocks: from astrophysics to fast ignition.
This group meeting is open to the public.
[Prof Silva is also giving a Plasma Seminar at Imperial on Wed 3 Dec, 3:30pm in 741 Blackett]
ApJ 596, L121 (2003)
ApJ 682, L5 (2008)
Luis Silva
Thu 11 Dec1pmSimulations of equilibrium ExB flow shear with GS2.Presentation slides on the numerical implementation of shear in GS2 (by G. Hammett) can be obtained by email request from Mike or AlexMike Reshko
Instabilities of axisymmetric flows in Braginskii MHD.ApJ 616, 857 (2004)Mark Rosin
Thu 18 DecNo group meeting.
Thu 25 DecMerry Xmas! (...but you can also go to an astrophysics conference in Russia)
Thu 1 JanHappy New Year!

From January 2009 on, the group meetings are held in Oxford

Hilary Term 2009