Wolfgang Pauli Institute, Vienna

Thematic Programme
(Organisers: B. Dubrulle, N. Mauser, S. Nazarenko, A. Tsinober, A. Schekochihin)

Workshop and Minicourse
"Conceptual Aspects of Turbulence: Mean Fields vs. Fluctuations"

11-15 February 2008

This workshop brings together a number of researchers working on turbulence in fluids, MHD, and plasmas. As implied by the title, the goal of the workshop is to discuss the interaction between regular and fluctuating, large- and small-scale components in turbulent systems and to attempt to understand how - conceptually and practically - one might to attempt to break beyond traditional approaches and make progress in understanding turbulence in space, on Earth, in the laboratory, in the computer or on paper.

Invited Speakers and Their Contributions


Information for PhD Students and Postdocs

The workshop will contain a minicourse (11 lectures), meant to be accesible to PhD students and postdocs, but open and, hopefully, interesting to everyone.

If you would like to attend please email
Alex Schekochihin (please include a short CV and a one-sentence description of your research subject; if you are a PhD student, please give the name of your adviser and the title of your PhD project; if you would like to present a poster, please give the title). There is no deadline, but the numbers we can accommodate are limited. The principle of admission is "first-come-first-served", so early expressions of interest are encouraged.
There is no fee for this course. No financial support is available.

Minicourse Participants and Their Posters


The workshop will be held in Nodrbergstr. 15 (follow directions to WPI), room C207 (coffee breaks and posters in C209)
Please contact Ms Doris Obermaier (doris.obermaier at univie dot ac dot at) to arrange accommodation
City-airport train
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