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UK Neutrino Network Meeting

Wednesday 29 November 2006, Oxford

The meeting will be held in the Fisher Room (Level 5) of the Denys Wilkinson Building (directions)

12:30   Lunch (DWB Canteen)

13:30   Steve Biller (Oxford): A third mix-up for experimentalists

14:00   Nick Harries (Oxford): Supernova seismology: shock waves, turbulence and neutrinos

14:30   Steven Rimmer (Durham): Neutrino masses and lepton flavour violating decays in the MSSM

15:00   Veronique Page (Durham): Cosmology with Dirac neutrinos in the MSSM

15:30   Coffee/Tea

16:00   Kai Zuber (Sussex): Double deta-decay experiments

16:30   Simon Bray (Manchester): CP and lepton number violation from heavy neutrinos at the LHC

17:00   Michal Malinsky (Southampton): A4 family symmetry and q-l unification

17:30   Apostolos Pilaftsis (Manchester): F_D term hybrid inflation with electroweak scale lepton number violation

18:00   Meeting ends

All are welcome ... just let us know if you intend to attend.
For B&B accomodation, we recommend Mrs Nirinsky (16 Chalfont Road, Oxford OX2 6TH, Tel: 01865 559004) and Rewley House (en-suite rooms) - other possibilities are listed here. Please make bookings yourself - travel and subsistence costs will be covered by the SPG grant (claims forms will be provided). Here are some suggestions on eating out.


Lisa Alexander (Manchester), Marco Apollonio (Oxford), Steve Biller (Oxford), Deidre Black (Cambridge), Simon Bray (Manchester), Nick Harries (Oxford), Neil Hodgkinson (Manchester), Stephan Huber (Sussex), Steve King (Southampton), Chun-Hay Kom (Oxford), Phillip Litchfield (Oxford), James Loach (Oxford), Michael Malinsky (Southampton), John March-Russell (Oxford) Christopher Orme (Durham), Gabriel Orebi-Gann (Oxford), Veronique Page (Durham), Simon Peeters (Oxford), Apostolos Pilaftsis (Manchester), Tobias Raufer (Oxford), Steven Rimmer (Durham), Graham Ross (Oxford), Subir Sarkar (Oxford), Alex Sousa (Oxford), Gemma Tinti (Oxford), Tom Underwood (Durham), Ivo Varzielas (Oxford), Stephen West (Oxford), Bill Williams (Oxford), Takeichiro Yokoi (Oxford), Kai Zuber (Sussex)

Convenors: Graham Ross and Subir Sarkar
Previous Meetings: Manchester, 6 Jun 2005; Durham, 18-19 Dec 2005