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Travel and Accommodation


A set of rooms has been reserved for the participants in St John's and Balliol colleges for the period from 4 January (evening arrival) to 8 January (morning departure). St John's offers a limited number of en suit rooms for £64 per night and standard rooms (with shared bathrooms) for £47 per night. Balliol's prices are £55 for an en suit room and £40 for a standard one per night. In all cases, breakfast is automatically included for all days except 5 January in St John's (breakfast is unavailable on 5 January since the college re-opens after Christmas on that day).

The colleges are in 10 min walking distance form the Clarendon Lab (the school's main venue). If you require college accommodation, please tick the corresponding box on the registration page. Successful applicants will receive an email with appropriate instructions for booking college accommodation. Payment via a credit card, through the University of Oxford secure web site, is expected at the time of booking. The deadline for booking college accommodation is December 1, 2011.

Should you prefer to make your own accommodation arrangements, a (partial) list of local hotels and B&Bs is available here.


The main venue of the school is the Clarendon Laboratory (Lindemann Lecture Theatre). Click here for information on how to reach the venue.

You can use our Mapping Tool to find your way around Oxford.

You can also take the school's places of interest with you by copying/saving this link.

A map of St John's College grounds might also be helpful.