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The UK-Japan Winter Schools have been held since 1999. Every year the focus is on a special topic. The aim of the School is to bring together Japanese and UK scientists, in particular young researchers and students from mathematics and mathematical physics, in a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere.

The 2012 School is devoted to geometry, mathematical physics and mathematical aspects of string theory. As in the previous UK-Japan Schools, there will be three main lecture courses as well as five one-hour review lectures from the experts in the field.

There are also three one-hour slots reserved for student talks. Participants wishing to be considered for one of them should indicate so on their registration form and  provide a title and an abstract. The Organizing Committe will select the three student speakers.

There will be a school's dinner held at Exeter College's dinning hall on the 6th of January. Attendance is optional (the cost is £30). If you would like to attend please select the appropriate option on registration page.

Organising Committee:

John Cardy (Oxford University)
Martin Guest (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Sergei Ketov (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Andre Lukas (Oxford University)
Yoshiaki Maeda (Keio University)
Andrei Starinets (Oxford University)

UK-Japan School Advisory Committee:

Jürgen Berndt (King's College London)

John Bolton (Durham University)

David Elworthy (University of Warwick)