Joseph Conlon

I am Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford.

I joined Oxford physics in October 2008 and am a tutorial fellow in physics at New College.

I work on a wide range of topics across string theory, cosmology, particle physics and astrophysics. My current research involves the use of X-ray observations of galaxy clusters to search for and constrain axion-like particles.

I am the author of Why String Theory? , a popular book explaining the who, what and why of string theory to a general audience. This was Physics World's 2016 Book of the Year, and is available from the publisher here .

This book elaborated an earlier project: the website Why String Theory?,, made during the summer of 2012 with Edward Hughes and Charlotte Mason.

My current CV is here .

My blog is Fickle and Freckled .

My research has been funded by the Royal Society through a University Research Fellowship (2008-2016) and the European Research Council through a Starting Grant (2012-2017).