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Curriculum Vitae

Sir Roger (James) Elliott, Kt., F.R.S

Born 8 December 1928
Married, three children
Education - New College (Oxford); B.A. (Mathematics) 1949

D.Phil. (Theoretical Physics) 1952


1952-53 Research Associate, University of California, Berkeley
1953-55 Research Fellow, A.E.R.E., Harwell
1955-57 University Lecturer, Reading
1957-64 University Lecturer, Oxford
1957-74 Fellow and Tutor, St. John's College
1964-74 Reader (ad hominem), Oxford
1974-89 Wykeham Professor of Physics, Oxford
1989-96 Professor of Theoretical Physics, Oxford (now Emeritus)


1961 Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley
1966 Miller Professor, University of Illinois, Urban
1967 Loeb Lecturer, Harvard University
1972 Seaver Lecturer, University of Southern California
1978 Flint Lecturer, Yale University
1981 Visiting Distinguished Professor, Florida State University
1996 Visiting Distinguished Professor, Michegan State University


1969-70 Senior Proctor
1971-88 Member of Hebdomadal Council
1971-88 Delegate of Oxford University Press; from 1976 Chairman of Finance Committee
1988-93 Secretary to the Delegates and Chief Executive, Oxford University Press


1966-68 Member - Electronic Research Council
1976-81 Member - Computer Board for Universities and Research Councils
1983-87 Chairman - Computer Board for Universities and Research Councils
1984-88 Physical Secretary and Vice President of the Royal Society
1987-90 Member - Advisory Board for Research Councils
1988-92 Part-time Member - UKAEA
1993-94 President - Publishers Association
1991-98 Board Member - British Council
1996-2002 Chairman ICSU Press
1999-2002 Chairman - Blackwell Limited
1998-2002 Chairman Disability Information Trust


1968 Maxwell Medal, Physical Society
1984 Hon. D.Sc. (Paris)
1990 Guthrie Medal, Institute of Physics
1991 Hon. D.Sc. (Bath)
1993 Hon. D.Sc. (Essex)


4 Books and some 200 articles on theoretical solid state physics in learned journals
See also `Disorder in Condensed Matter Physics' - Volume in Honour of Roger Elliott, ed. J.A. Blackman and J. Taguena (OUP, 1991)
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