We have very fruitful collaborations with a number of experimental groups including:
  • The ViNCeNS Project, which is a consortium at Sheffield University led by Giuseppe Battaglia from Dept of Biomedical Sciences. The multidisciplinary team works on engineering virus-like nano-particles that can be used in targeted delivery of drugs or gene to the central nervous system
  • The soft matter consortium across Physics-Chemistry-ChemEng at Sheffield (Richard Jones, Tony Ryan, Jon Howse, Steve Ebbens; Mark Geoghegan, Graham Leggett), which is active on a number of projects including microswimmers and single-molecule dynamics on nanofabricated surfaces
  • The bacterial biophysics group at Sheffield (Simon Foster and Jamie Hobbs)
  • A consortium on Casimir experiments between Leicester (Chris Binns) and Birmingham (Mike Ward and Emma Carter) that combines nanofabrication with precision force measurement techniques
  • The chemical physics group at the University of Barcelona (Pietro Tierno, Ignacio Pagonabarraga, and Francesc Sagues), that works on magnetic microswimmers
  • The group of Gerard Wong at UCLA that works on a number of projects, including DNA and actin condensation
We also have many theoretical collaborators, some of whom are regular long term visitors to the group: