INSTANS Summer School 2007 at Oxford

Interdisciplinary Statistical and Field Theory Approaches to Nanophysics and low-dimensional Systems

Worcester College Oxford, United Kingdom, Aug 26 - Sept 2, 2007


(Worcester College Quad, photo by Simon Ho)

The 2007 INSTANS Summer School at Oxford is intended for graduate students and post-docs in condensed matter theory and statistical physics. It will cover a variety of topics in a pedagogical fashion.

INSTANS is a European Science Foundation research networking programme that aims to develop an interdisciplinary research activity in condensed matter, quantum field theory and statistical physics.

The goal of this research networking programme is to set up a theoretical framework to answer fundamental questions encountered in nanoscopic and low dimensional systems.

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List of lecturers

Paul Fendley Topological Quantum Computation
Thierry Giamarchi Low Dimensional Strongly Correlated Systems
José Ignacio Latorre DMRG and quantum entanglement
Giuseppe Mussardo Semiclassical and Integrable Methods in QFT
Hubert Saleur Integrable Models in Quantum Impurity Problems
Kareljan Schoutens Phases of rotating bosons

Members of the INSTANS steering committee

Giuseppe Mussardo (IT, chair) Fabian Essler (UK) François Peeters (BE) Kareljan Schoutens (NL)
Jose Carmelo (PT) Thierry Giamarchi (CH) Hubert Saleur (FR) Yakob Yngvason (AT)
Reinhold Egger (DE) Henrik Johannesson (SE) Germán Sierra (SP)

  Further information and how to apply

  • Applications are invited from graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Preference will be given to applicants from ESF member organisations.
  • Accommodation at Worcester College will be provided for all participants.
  • Limited additional support is available for travel and subsistence.
  • Applications including a CV (in PDF format) and short summary of research interests should be sent to instans [AT] before 01.04.2007.


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