7th International Conference on the Discrete Simulation of Fluids

University of Oxford

14th-18th July 1998



Monday 13th July


Tuesday 14th July


Mostly Lattice Gas

Chair: H. Chen
9.00 R. Kapral Mesoscale dynamics of reaction diffusion systems. Abstract
9.40 J.P. Boon & C. Bodenstein Class of CA for the formation of surface aggregates. Abstract
10.20 P.V. Coveney Lattice gas simulations of ternary amphiphilic fluid flow in porous media Abstract
11.00 COFFEE

Chair: C. Care
11.30 A.A. Khan & Y. Shnidman Convective-diffusive lattice models of multiphase flows, wetting and coating. Abstract
11.50 A. Malevanets Multiparticle collision model for low viscosity hydrodynamics. Abstract
12.10 Y.Hashimoto, Y. Chen & H. Ohashi Boundary Conditions in a LG with continuous velocity. Abstract
12.30 K. Ebihara, T. Watanabe & H. Kaburaki Surface of dense phase in LG fluid with long-range interaction. Abstract
12.50 LUNCH

Lattice Gas and Lattice Boltzmann

Chair: B. Nadiga
2.30 B. Boghosian Numerically stable Lattice Boltzmann models. Abstract
3.10 G. Vahala Thermal Lattice Boltzmann models for compressible flows. Abstract
3.50 TEA

Chair: J.P. Boon
4.30 B.J. Palmer & D.R. Rector LB algorithm for simulating thermal flow in compressible fluids. Abstract
4.50 A. Masselot & B. Chopard A new multiparticle LG model for hydrodynamics. Abstract
5.10 D.A. Meyer A LG model with dynamical geometry. Abstract
5.30 H. Ujita, S. Nagat, M. Akiyama, M. Naitoh & H. Ohashi Development of LGA and LBGK 2D parallel programs. Abstract

Wednesday 15th July

Lattice Boltzmann for Multi-Phase Flow

Chair: B. Boghosian
9.00 X. He Lattice Boltzmann simulation of Rayleigh-Taylor instability. Abstract
9.40 X. Shan LB method and discretization of the Boltzmann equation. Abstract
10.20 L-S. Luo What's wrong with LB models for non-ideal gases? Abstract
11.00 COFFEE

Chair: R. Kapral
11.30 Y. Chen, T. Shukuwa, S. Teng & H. Ohashi LB simulation of two-phase fluid flow. Abstract
11.50 D. Holdych, D. Rovas, J. Georgiadis & R. Buckius Extension of mutli-phase flow LBM formulation via symbolic numerical manipulation. Abstract
12.10 R.S. Maier, D.M. Kroll, H.T. Davies & R.S. Bernard Pore-scale flow and dispersion: comparison of simulation and experimental results. Abstract
12.30 I. Halliday, K.Good & C.M. Care Towards lattice BGK nematodynamics. Abstract
12.50 LUNCH

Chair: Y. Schnidman
2.30 A. Wagner Morphologies of different coarsening regimes of phase separating binary fluids. Abstract
3.10 D. D'Humières TBA Abstract
3.50 L. Giraud, D. D'Humières & P. Lallemand Modelisation of non-linear viscoelasticity with the LB method. Abstract

Thursday 16th July

Dissipative Particle Dynamics

Chair: P. Coveney
9.00 P.B. Warren DPD. Recent progress and theoretical puzzles. Abstract
9.40 P. Bladon, S. Jury & M. Cates Simulating multi-component fluids using DPD. Abstract
10.20 P. Español DPD with energy conservation. Abstract
11.00 COFFEE

Chair: P. Warren
11.30 I. Pagnabarraga & D. Frenkel Self-consistent DPD. Abstract
11.50 C.A. Marsh & M.H. Ernst Theoretical Extensions for DPD Abstract
12.10 M. Mayorga, L. Romero-Salazar & M. Rubi Thermodynamics of interacting Brownian particles. Abstract
12.30 K. Zhang, Y. Kong, W.G. Madden & C.W. Manke Effects of excluded volume, hydrodynamic interaction and inertia on the dynamics of dilute polymer solutions modeled by DPD. Abstract
12.50 LUNCH
4.30 TEA

Chair: S. Succi
5.00 E.G. Flekkøy Coupling particles and hydrodynamics in granular flows. Abstract
5.40 M.H. Ernst Energy relaxation and long range correlations in rapid granular flows. Abstract


Friday 17th July

New Directions for Lattice Boltzmann and Other Methods

Chair: A. Stevens
9.00 B.T. Nadiga Discrete velocity gases: compressible CE expansions, Boltzmann shock profiles and kinetic flux-splitting. Abstract
9.40 H.W. Stockman Accuracy and computational efficiency in 3D dispersion via LB: models for double-diffusive fingering and dispersion in rough fractures. Abstract
10.20 A. Garcia Stochastic Particle Algorithms: From DSMC to CUBA Abstract
11.00 COFFEE

Chair: B. Chopard
11.30 J. Bernsdorf, Th. Zeiser, G. Brenner & F. Durst Simulation of channel flow around a square obstacle with LB BGK automata Abstract
11.50 D.R. Noble & J.R. Torczynski A LB method for partially salvated computational cells. Abstract
12.10 M. Krfczyk, J. Tolke, R. Berrios & E. Rank Non-uniform mesh refinement for FD discretization of LBGK models. Abstract
12.30 W. Arter & J.W. Eastwood Particle-mesh schemes for complex flow modeling. Abstract
12.50 LUNCH

Chair: S. Redner
2.30 P.B. Visscher, K. Alford & Y. Gunal Field-induced smectic ordering in dipolar fluids via fast-multipole simulation. Abstract
2.50 B. Wachman & S. Schwarzer Local behaviour of suspensions. Abstract
3.10 K.W. Yu, M.F. Law, K.K. Leung & Jones T.K. Wan Optical nonlinearity through anisotropic structure induced by coated microspheres in electrorheological fluids. Abstract
3.30 X-F. Yuan Mesoscopic modeling of complex fluid flows. Abstract
3.50 D. Qi Microstructure of particles in a planar Couette flow. Abstract
4.10 TEA

Chair: T. Watannabe
4.40 Y-H. Qian Lattice BGK simulations of 2D turbulence. Abstract
5.20 H. Chen A mesoscopic representation of turbulence. Abstract

Saturday 18th July

Applications of Lattice Boltzmann Simulations

Chair: P. Español
9.00 W. Miller & K. Bottcher Numerical study of flow and temperature patterns during the growth of GaPO4 using Lattice Boltzmann. Abstract
9.20 O. Filippova & D. Hanel Lattice BGK model for low Mach number combustion. Abstract
9.40 D. Kandhai et.al. A comparison between LB and finite element simulations of fluid flow in static mixer reactors. Abstract
10.00 A. Koponen et. al. Permeability of 3D random fibre webs. Abstract
10.20 COFFEE

Chair: G. Doolen
10.50 S. Succi Lattice Quantum Mechanics Abstract
11.30 E. Orlandini Collapse transitions of a periodic hydrophilic hydrophobic chain. Abstract
12.10 S. Redner Gradient clogging in depth filtration Abstract
12.50 CLOSE


1 O. Filippova & D. Hanel Boundary fitting and local grid refinement for lattice BGK models Abstract
2 G. Doolen Trends in Lattice Boltzmann Modeling Abstract
3 E.S. Boek & P. van der Schoot Resolution effects in DPD simulations. Abstract
4 P. Ahlrichs & B. Dünweg Simulation of polymer solvent systems. Abstract
5 D. Grubert & J.M. Yeomans LB simulations of wetting. Abstract
6 K. Langaas & J.M. Yeomans LB simulation of a binary fluid with different phase viscosities and its application to viscous fingering. Abstract
7 D.M. White, I. Halliday, C.M. Care & A. Stevens Exactly incompressible Lattice BGK method for simulation of internal pressure driven flow. Abstract
8 D. Nicolaides DPD simulation of mesophase formation for pluronic surfactants. Abstract
9 K.E. Novik & P.V. Coveney Spinodal decomposition of off-critical quenches with a glassy phase using DPD. Abstract
10 I. Zuniga, M. Revenga & P. Español Boundary conditions in DPD Abstract
11 M. Shevalier, S.R. Sreenivesan & I.E. Hutcheon Modeling of Fines particle migration and accumulation using LB automata. Abstract
12 L. Romero-Salazar & M. Mayorga Maximum entropy formalism for a dense gas and mixtures. Abstract
13 A. Lamura, G. Gonnella & J.M. Yeomans LB simulations of ternary fluids. Abstract
14 C. Denniston Dynamics of gravity driven granular flow. Abstract

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