Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Turbulence

John Cardy, Gregory Falkovich and Krysztof Gawedski; Sergey Nazarenko and Oleg Zaboronski (eds.)

Methods of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics play an increasingly important role in modern turbulence research, yet the range of relevant tools and methods is so wide and developing so fast that until now there has not been a single book covering the subject. As an introduction to modern methods of statistical mechanics in turbulence, this volume rectifies that situation. The book comprises three harmonised lecture courses by world class experts in statistical physics and turbulence: John Cardy introduces Field Theory and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics; Gregory Falkovich discusses Turbulence Theory as part of Statistical Physics; and Krzysztof Gawedzki examines Soluble Models of Turbulent Transport. To encourage readers to deepen their understanding of the theoretical material, each chapter contains exercises with solutions. Essential reading for students and researchers in the field of theoretical turbulence, this volume will also interest any scientist or engineer who applies knowledge of turbulence and non-equilibrium physics to their work.