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    Joining the Louis research group

We are always interested in talented PhD students or Postdocs who want to join our group. Our work is interdisciplinary and so we welcome people with backgrounds in theoretical physics, theoretical chemistry, applied mathematics, engineering, and biology. Familiarity with computer simulations and theoretical techniques of statistical mechanics is important. Please contact Ard Louis by email if you are interested (I will try to respond, but keep in mind that I get hundreds of these every year)

Oxford is a beautiful city, see e.g. these photos , or this pictoral depiction of student life.


Please see our Research Interests page for a description of the topics that we currently work on in our group.

Joining as a DPhil student

You are welcome to email me if you are interested in applying.

Oxford Theoretical Physics runs its DPhil applications jointly, see this page for some more details. The main deadline is in early January for a start the following October.

I can also supervise students through some of the interdisciplinary Doctoral Training Programmes run at the University, as well as students on the Oxford-IBM sponsored Computational Discovery Programme.

Joining as a postdoc

Open positions

Other potential funding options

  • Note that funding for postdocs changes rapidly, so the list above is certainly incomplete and outdated.

    Older openings

  • We had a 20 month PDRA position open, deadline noon on 14 April 2023.
    The topic is the physics of evolution . Please contact Ard Louis if you would be interested.
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