Talks and Schools

I am a fourth year graduate student in Theoretical Physics at Oxford University and am a member of the Particle Theory group. I am also a Lecturer in Physics at Exeter College, Oxford. Currently I am doing research in collider phenomenology, in particular NLO QCD corrections to scattering processes using D-dimensional unitarity. I am also interested in BSM phenomenology, especially spin and mass determination, and the structure of scattering amplitudes in QFTs.

After my DPhil I will be visiting IPMU, Japan on a JSPS Short-Term Fellowship and then after that I will take up a CERN Fellowship 2012-2014.
MCFMplus is an add-on to the particle physics program MCFM and allows for the study of additional processes at NLO in QCD at the LHC. The current version is MCFMplus-1.0 and contains the NLO QCD corrections to WW+jet production as a result of the work arxiv:1205.6987. To run it yourself you can download this tarball and follow the instructions in the readme.
Publications (Inspire)
"Gluon fusion contribution to WW+jet production"
Tom Melia, Kirill Melnikov, Raoul Rontsch, Markus Schulze, Giulia Zanderighi, arxiv:1205.6987
"Spin before mass at the LHC ". A few animations from this paper can be found here.
Tom Melia, JHEP 1201 143 (2012), arxiv:1110.6185
"W^+W^- , WZ and ZZ production in the POWHEG BOX "
Tom Melia, Paolo Nason, Raoul Rontsch, Giulia Zanderighi, JHEP 1111, 078 (2011), arxiv:1107.5051
"NLO QCD corrections for W^+W^- pair production in association with two jets at hadron colliders"
Tom Melia, Kirill Melnikov, Raoul Rontsch, Giulia Zanderighi, Phys.
Rev. D 83, 114043 (2011)
"W^+W^+ plus dijet production in the POWHEG BOX "
Tom Melia, Paolo Nason, Raoul Rontsch, Giulia Zanderighi, Eur. Phys. J. C 71, 1670 (2011) , arxiv:1102.4846
"Next-to-leading order QCD predictions for W+W+jj production at the LHC "
Tom Melia, Kirill Melnikov, Raoul Rontsch, Giulia Zanderighi, JHEP 1012 053 (2010), arxiv:1007.5313
Talks and Schools
The following are some talks I have given / conferences and schools I have attended:
May 2012, Theoretical Physics Seminar, Liverpool University, UK
Presented talk: "Precision QCD for the LHC "
Feb 2012, HEP Phenomenology Seminar, DAMTP-Cavendish, Cambridge, UK
Oct 2011, Journal Club, Oxford, UK
Presented talk: "Spin before mass at the LHC "
Sept 2011, RADCOR, Mamallapuram, India
Presented talk: "New results using D-dimensional Unitarity "
June 2011, Journal Club, Oxford, UK
Presented talk: "New Physics in Anomalous Weak Boson Couplings "
March 2011, Rencontres de Moriond, La Thuile, Italy
Presented talk: "Latest NLO results for WW+2jets"
Feb 2011, LHCPhenoNet Kick-Off Meeting, Valencia, Spain
Presented talk: "QCD Corrections to W+ W+ j j"
Dec 2010, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
Visit for collaboration with Kirill Melnikov, work on W+W-jj NLO QCD corrections
June 2010, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
Amplitudes workshop and collaborative work
March 2010, Mathematical Institue Twistor Workshop, Oxford, UK
Presented talk: "IR divergences in One-loop Amplitudes"
Feb 2010, Lake Louise, Canada
Lake Louise Winter Institute
Dec 2009, Rudolf Peierls Insititue, Journal Club, Oxford, UK
Presented talk: "How to Calculate One-Loop Amplitudes from Tree Amplitudes"
Sept 2009, Liverpool University, Liverpool, UK
BUSSTEPP 1st Year Particle Grad Student School
July 2009, Turin, Italy
HEPTOOLS IV Torino School in Physics at Colliders
March 2009, Leeds University, Leeds, UK
Astroparticle Physics group Student Meeting


I am currently a Lecurer in Physics and teach 2nd year undergraduate students Quantum Mechanics at Exeter College, Oxford from 2009-present. Other experience includes:
2010, Wadham College, Oxford
Tutor, 2nd Year Thermodynamics
2010, Exeter College, Oxford
Tutor, 3rd Year General Relativity


STOP-START PARTICLE PHYSICS is a presentation on LHC physics which I gave to Year 10 and Year 11 students at my old school, Benton Park High School in Leeds. The full slideshow is here
I presented THE PHYSICS OF MUSIC for non-physicists in a series of invited talks at Exeter College, and which I wrote up as a short article published in Contemporary Physics:
"Beethoven's Fifth 'Sine'-phony: the science of harmony and discord "
Tom Melia, Contemporary Physics; Sep./Oct2007, Vol 48 Issue 5, p291-295