Thomas Ouldridge

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I am currently a Weir Junior Research Fellow in mathematical and physical sciences at University College, Oxford. I largely work in collaboration with the Louis Group within the Theoretical Physics Subdepartment at the University of Oxford. We are part of the Oxford Centre for Soft and Biological Matter.

Our work focuses on phenomena involving energy scales comparable to room temperature, resulting in complex collective behaviour and the importance of fluctuations.

My research involves developing a coarse-grained model for DNA self-assembly and structural transitions. You can see some movies of my DNA model here. Code, user guides and examples for simulating the model can be downloaded from this site.

I am currently visiting the group of Pieter Rein ten Wolde at AMOLF in Amsterdam. I am studying biological signalling, particularly mehods of signal insulation and the role of scaffold proteins.

   A DNA duplex in my model

Predicted change in melting temperature of short duplexes due to the application of tension to one strand.

   A two-footed DNA walker