HEP Phenomenology Forum

Trinity Term 2004

Thursdays at 1 pm in the BIPAC Conference Room
Denys Wilkinson Building

29 Apr
No talk today

6 May *In the Conference Room*
Stefan Antusch
Type II upgrade of Type I see-saw models and leptogenesis

13 May
No talk today

20 May
Martin Schvellinger
AdS/CFT and super YM

27 May
Tony Signal
Symmetry breaking in the quark distributions of the proton

3 June
No talk today

10 June
No talk today

17 June
Paul Hunt
Multiple inflation and the WMAP `glitches'

Please contact Subir Sarkar if you would like to give a talk
The URL of this page is: http://www-thphys.physics.ox.ac.uk/users/SubirSarkar/phenoclub.html

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*From Michaelmas Term 2004, the Forum will be organized by John March-Russell*