. Sabbatical visit by Prof Partha Majumdar (SINP) to Oxford, Michaelmas Term '11
- Graduate Lecture Course on "Black Hole Physics" in the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics
- Seminar on "Thermal Stability of Quantum Black Holes" in the Mathematical Institute, 22 Oct '11

. Visit by Prof David Logan to India, 8-23 Dec '11
- Lecture on "Quantum Impurity Physics" at ICTS Condensed Matter Programme, IISc Bangalore, 9-22 Dec '11
- Collaboration with Prof Hulikal Krishnamurthy

. Visit by Prof Ard Louis to IISER Kolkata, 27 Dec '11 - 11 Jan '12
- Lectures at the "International Nonequilibrium Winter School"
- Discussions with Dr Chiranjib Mitra

. Visit by Prof John Chalker to TIFR, Mumbai, Feb '12

. Visit by Dr Apala Majumdar to India, 14-31 Mar '12
- Lecture at TIFR Centre For Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore
"Symmetry results for energy-minimizers in the Landau-de Gennes theory for nematic liquid crystals", 22 Mar '12;
- Seminar at School of Physical Sciences, JNU, Delhi "Liquid crystals: modelling and applications", 22 Mar '12

. Visit by Prof Subir Sarkar to India, Mar '12
- Talk at Advances in Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology, Darjeeling, 7-12 Mar '12
- Talk at National Symposium on Particles, Detectors and Instrumentation, TIFR Mumbai, 21-24 Mar '12

. Visit by Ms Supopriya Saha (IISc, Bangalore) to Oxford, Mar '12
- Collaboration with Prof Ramin Golestanian

. Visit by Prof Hulikal Krishnamurthy (IISc, Bangalore) to Oxford, Jun '12
- Collaboration with Prof David Logan

. Visit by Ms Soumini Chaudhury & Ms Susmita Kundu (SINP, Kolkata) to Oxford, 4-18 Aug '12
- Collaboration with Prof Subir Sarkar

. Dr David Marsh and Mr Lukas Witkowski attended `From Strings to LHC-III', 8-14 Dec 2012, Puri

. Prof Subir Sarkar attended `TeV Particle Astrophysics', 10-14 Dec 2012, Mumbai as Member of the International Organising Committee

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