UK HEP Forum


Cosener's House, Abingdon, 8-9 May 1999

"New Horizons in Neutrino Physics"

Saturday May 8

09:00   Welcome

09:15   Mark Messier (Harvard): Update on Super-Kamiokande and K2K

10:15   Hugh Gallagher (Oxford): Results from Soudan-II

10:45   Coffee/Tea

11:15   Dave Wark (Oxford): Status of SNO

11:45   Jonny Kleinfeller (Karlsruhe/RAL): KARMEN and other short baseline experiments

12:30   Richard Batley (Cambridge): Testing LSND with PS I-216

13:00   Lunch

14:15   Yves Declais (Annecy) : Chooz and other reactor neutrino experiments

15:00   Concha Gonzalez-Garcia (Valencia): Alternatives to neutrino oscillations

15:30   Bill Scott (RAL): Tri-maximal mixing with matter effects

16:00   Tea/Coffee

16:30   Ben Allanach (Cambridge): Maximal mixing in unified models

17:00   Steve King (Southampton): Atmospheric & solar neutrino oscillations from single right-handed neutrino dominance

17:30   Graham Ross (Oxford): Nearly degenerate neutrinos and broken flavour symmetry

19:30   Sherry

20:00   Dinner

21:00   After-dinner talk (Don Perkins: Old horizons in neutrino physics)

Sunday May 9

09:00   Eric Gawiser (Berkeley): Neutrinos and cosmology

09:45   Georg Raffelt (Munich): Neutrinos from supernovae

10:30   Coffee/Tea

11:00   Serap Tilav (Oxford): Neutrinos underwater and under ice

11:45   Alan Watson (Leeds): Neutrino astronomy with the Pierre Auger array

12:15   Alain Bellefon (Paris): Forthcoming solar neutrino experiments

13:00   Lunch

14:00   Phil Harris (Sussex): The MINOS long baseline experiment

14:30   Paolo Strolin (Naples/CERN): The CERN/LNGS long baseline proposals

15:00   Open discussion

15:15   John Ellis (CERN): The future of neutrino physics

16:00   Tea/Coffee (Meeting ends)

On Friday May 7 afternoon, there will be a special meeting of UK neutrino experimentalists consisting of an overview talk, brief presentations on potential neutrino projects that will not be covered during the Forum, and discussion. Those interested should contact Dave Wark.

Other Participants:

Steve Abel (CERN) David Bailin (Sussex), Mar Bastero-Gil (Southampton), Ian Blair (RAL), Bob Bingham (RAL), Norman Booth (Oxford), Stella Bradbury (Leeds), Peter Bussey (Glasgow), Susan Cartwright (Sheffield), John Cobb (Oxford), Susan Cooper (Oxford), Noel Cottingham (Bristol), Rob Edgecock (RAL), Ulrik Egede (RAL), Colin Froggat (Glasgow), John Garvey (Birmingham), Jim Homer (RAL), Nick Jelley (Oxford), Ian Kenyon (Birmingham), Johannes Knapp (Leeds), Vitaly Kudryavtsev (Sheffield), Igor Liubarsky (RAL), Jeremy Lloyd-Evans (Leeds), Ken Long (Imperial), Tim McMahon (Birmingham), Bill Murray (RAL), Ken Peach (RAL), Don Perkins, David Petyt (RAL), Roger Phillips, Dick Roberts (RAL) Andrea Romanino (Oxford) Nigel Smith (RAL), Peter Smith (Sussex), Neil Spooner (Sheffield), David Sutherland (Glasgow), Lee Thompson (Sheffield), Alfons Weber (Oxford)

Convenors: Herbi Dreiner, Peter Litchfield, Peter Norton and Subir Sarkar
Conference Secretary: Jane Bruffell

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