Supersymmetry and Beyond

The purpose of these lectures is to give an introduction to (four dimensional) supersymmetry and an overview of the main motivations for studying specific models. This will include the calculation of simple Feymann diagrams and the understanding of the basic parameters which which enter into experimental searches.

The outline of the lectures is as follows :

Lectures 1-4

Basic Theory Dr. S. Davidson

Introduction. Why SUSY; quadratic divergences to mH; boson-fermion cacellations. SUSY algebra; SUSY Lagrangian for one scalar and one fermion. SUSY Lagrangian for one fermion and one vector boson.

Supersymmetrising the SM: SUSY not observed-->soft SUSY breaking terms. Need for two Higgs doublets. The MSSM Lagrangian.

Mass spectrum + interactions; SUSY breaking models for soft terms. R-parity. Higgs sector. charginos, neutralinos and the LSP. squarks and sleptons.

Lecture 5

Phenomenology of SUSY searches at Hadron Colliders Dr. T. Weidberg

Lecture 6

SUSY Unification. Prof. G. Ross

Lecture 7

Phenomenology of SUSY searches at e+e- Colliders Dr. P. Renton

Lectures 8-9

SUSY and cosmology Dr. S. Sarkar

The cosmological "laboratory" for particle physics; Constraints on SUSY from Big Bang nucleosynthesis and the cosmic microwave background; SUSY and inflation; SUSY and baryo/leptogenesis

Non-accelerator searches for SUSY

Evidence for cold dark matter; Relic abundance of neutralinos; Direct detection via nuclear recoil; Indirect detection via annihilation signals (neutrinos, photons, ...); Ultra-high energy cosmic rays and SUSY

Lecture 10

R-parity violation Dr. S. Davidson