About the Message Board / Forum

Here is the link to the archive of the 2015 message board.

Now, you might ask "why do we need a message board?".

Answer 1: I inevitably receive dozens of emails from students, or even from tutors, asking for clarification of some point or other (many of these occur over Easter break, or as the exam approaches). Every time I answer such a question it occurs to me that it would make a whole lot of sense to have all of these questions and their answers compiled somewhere central where everyone can benefit from reading them.

Answer 2: On a message board students and/or tutors can not only ask questions, they can answer questions too. We are quite a large community, and by helping each other we can all succeed to a greater level. I'm hoping that this board will become a communications hub for students to consult other students during their studies. (And then I can also check through to make sure that students are in fact answering correctly!)

Answer 3: There must be some way to use modern media better to assist in the learning process. OK, I admit, the message board is 20 year old technology, but I coulnd't figure out how to make twitter, instagram, or tumblr work for this course. If anyone has ideas for how we might become even more modern, please let me know!

Here is the link to the archive of the 2013 message board.

Here is the link to the archive of the 2014 message board.