Oxford Physics: Soft and Biological Matter

Julia Yeomans FRS

Professor of Physics
Pauline Chan Fellow in Physics, St Hilda's College

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We welcome application from enthusiastic and well qualified scientists who would like to join the Yeomans group to work on analytical and computational projects in soft matter, statistical physics and biophysics. Our research is interdisciplinary and group members have backgrounds in physics, mathematics, chemistry, engineering and computer science. Projects will be related to the work described on our web pages.

Postgraduate students:

Details of how to apply as a DPhil student can be found here

Funding opportunities for pre- and post-doctoral research:

There are the following funding opportunities. These often need a letter of support from the host institution so please contact us in good time to discuss applying.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowships (International and Inter-European)

fellowships administered by the Royal Society

fellowships administered by individual Oxford Colleges, usually advertised in the Oxford University Gazette

Human Frontier Science Program

Violette and Samuel Glasstone Research Fellowships in Science (advertised annually on Oxford web pages)

EPSRC Fellowships

Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 Research Fellowships

BBSRC Fellowships