UK Network on Emergence and Physics far from Equilibrium

Third General Discussion Meeting

14-15 September, 2015

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Provisional Timetable:

Talks held in the Edward Boyle Auditorium in the Jacqueline du Pre Music Building

Group discussions held in the Lady Brodie room, the Sibthorpe room and the Rosalind Hill room.

Monday September 14th
9.00AMArrival and welcome
Session 1: Turbulence
9.10Alain Pumir (ENS, Lyon) Lagrangian dynamics and irreversibility in turbulence
10.00Gregory Bewley (MPI, Gottingen) Droplet dynamics and the decay of turbulence
12.00-12.30input to roadmap
12.30-1.00business meeting
Session 2: Systems out of equilibrium
2.00Zoran Hadzibabic (Cambridge) Critical dynamics of spontaneous symmetry breaking in a homogeneous Bose gas
2.50Sergio Ciliberto (ENS, Lyon) Energy fluxes between colloidal particles driven out of equilibrium
4.00Achilleas Lazarides (MPI, Dresden) Periodically-driven many-body quantum systems
4.50-5.30group discussions
5.30-6.00input to roadmap
6.00-7.00advisory board meeting
7.30conference dinner
Tuesday September 15th
Session 3: Cells
9.10Rosalind Allen (Edinburgh) The statistical physics of bacteria
10.00Xavier Trepat (IBEC, Barcelona) Collective dynamics of cell monolayers
12.30-1.00input to roadmap
Session 4: Synthetic active matter
2.00Paul Dommersnes (NTNU, Trondheim) Electrohydrodynamically driven matter: Self-assembly and "active matter"
2.50-4.00group discussions
4.00coffee and departure

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