The Forum,  Michaelmas 2006


"The Forum" is a seminar series started in 1995 by Ian Kogan, Alexei Tsvelik, John Wheater, Fabian Essler and Nikolaos Mavromatos. The talks are usually given using the blackboard only and last up to 90 minutes. The speaker reports on some new and interesting topic in some depth and the audience is strongly encouraged to ask questions.

The Forum is now organized by Dr Austen Lamacraft, follow THIS link to the new webpage.

Previous Fora:
Trinity 2006:
Markus Mueller (Rutgers): "
Coulomb correlations, glassiness and out-of-equilibrium effects in disordered insulators"
Vladimir Rittenberg (Bonn): "Conformal invariance and its breaking in a stochastic model of a fluctuating interface"
Rodney Baxter (Canberra): "Lattice models is statistical mechanics: the chiral Potts model"

Hilary 2006:

Daniel Cabra (Strasbourg): "The influence of phonons on low dimensional magnetic systems"
Vincent Pasquier (Saclay):
"Razumov-Stroganoff conjectures and Hall effect"
Igor Lerner (Birmingham): "Decoherence and relaxation in Josephson charge qubit"
Andrey Zheludev (Oakridge): "High-Field Dynamics of Quantum S=1 Chains"

Michaelmas 2005:
Vadim Cheianov (Lancaster): "Microscopic Theory of the Quantum Hall Edge: chiral Luttinger liquid and beyond".
Francesca Marchetti (Cambridge): "Resonant Rayleigh scattering of microcavity polaritons: a probe for condensation?".
Uwe Tauber (Virginia): "Current Distribution in Driven Diffusive Systems: Field Theory Approach".
Marzena Szymanska (Oxford): "Non-equilibrium condensation in incoherently pumped systems"

Trinity 2005:
Andrea Pelissetto (Rome): "Finite-temperature transitions in two-dimensional N-vector models: a large-N analysis."
Riccardo Zecchina (Trieste): "1-RSB Clustering and Algorithms for Optimization Problems and Coding."
David Sherrington (Oxford): 
"Zero temperature replica symmetry breaking in the SK and related spin glass models."
Igor Smolyarenko (Brunel): "From number theory to parametric RMT and back: L functions as models for Quantum Chaos."
Stephan Mertens (Magdeburg): "The stable roommates problem."

Hilary 2005:
Nicolas Dupuis (Orsay/Imperial): "Antiferromagnetism and superconductivity in quasi-1D conductors"
Robin Ball (Warwick): "Fermions without Fermi Fields."
Anthony Leggett (Urbana-Champaign):"Ultracold atomic Fermi gases: Bose condensation meets Cooper pairing"
Valentina Riva (Oxford):
"Semiclassical methods in 2D QFT: spectra and finite-size effects"
Murray Batchelor (Canberra):"Integrable Loop Models, Chord Diagrams and Physical Combinatorics"

Michaelmas 2004:
Boris Mouzykantskii (Warwick) : "Non-equilibrium Fermi Gas as a Riemann-Hilbert Problem."
Frank van Lankvelt (Oxford) : "Layered Rotating Bose Gases."
Andrew Green (St Andrews) : "Nonlinear Quantum Critical Transport and the Schwinger Mechanism."
Misha Turlakov (Oxford) : "Universal low-temperature properties of amorphous solids and glasses."

Trinity 2004:
Pasquale Calabrese (Oxford):
"Divergent series in field theory and Borel resummation"

Nigel Cooper (Cambridge): "Non-Abelian Groundstates in Rotating Bose Gases"
John Cardy (Oxford): "Entanglement Entropy and Quantum Field Theory"
Martin Veillette (Oxford): "New Transitions in the O(3) sigma model in D=2+1 dimensions"