1985-1988 Universität Würzburg Undergraduate student in Mathematics and Physics
Oct 1987: Vordiplom in Mathematics      
Oct 1987: Vordiplon in Physics
1988-1993 SUNY at Stony Brook
Exchange/PhD student in Physics
May 1989: MA in Physics
Aug 1993: PhD in Physics

1993-1995 Universität Bonn Post-doctoral fellow
1995-1999 Oxford University
Marie Curie Post-doctoral fellow
EPSRC Advanced Fellow
2000-2003 Warwick University EPSRC Advanced Fellow
Lecturer, Reader (2002)
2002-2005 Brookhaven National
Associate Physicist

since 2004 Oxford University
University Lecturer, Professor (2006)
Fellow of Worcester College (2004-2012)

    invited workshops,conferences & visits       fellowships & grants