Fields, Lattices and Condensed Matter

A symposium in honour of John Cardy's 60th birthday

The Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics
Oxford University
December 14-15, 2007


This symposium will celebrate the outstanding scientific career of John Cardy on the occasion of his 60th birthday. To this end, the symposium will gather a number of leading researchers from the international community in Theoretical Physics to discuss recent developments in the fields to which John has contributed so greatly.

                          Invited speakers:

  • I. Affleck (UBC)
  • R. Dijkgraaf (Amsterdam)
  • P. Dorey (Durham)
  • B. Duplantier (Saclay)
  • K. Gawedzki (Lyon)
  • F.D.M. Haldane (Princeton)
  • A. Lamacraft (Virginia)

  • G. Mussardo (Trieste)
  • B. Nienhuis (Amsterdam)
  • N. Read (Yale)
  • H. Saleur (Saclay)
  • A. Tsvelik (Brookhaven)
  • W. Werner (Orsay)
  • J.B. Zuber (Paris)

     Organising committee:

         John Chalker (Oxford)
         Fabian Essler (Oxford)
         Paul Fendley (All Souls)
         Martin Howard (Norwich)
         Jesper Jacobsen (Orsay)
         Mike Teper (All Souls)
         John Wheater (Oxford)


There is a registration fee of 20 pounds, to be paid upon arrival. Due to the limited space in the lecture theatre, participants are encouraged to register at their earliest convenience, and no later than November 15, 2007. To register, please send an email to "jesper dot jacobsen at u-psud dot fr", with the text "Cardy symposium" in the subject line.
We are not able to provide accommodation or travel support for participants. Information on where and how to book accommodation
can be found here.
Further Information (where is the lecture theatre, how to find Worcester College, etc)

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