Jimaan Sané

I am a 2nd year PhD student at Queens' College working under the supervision of Dr Ard Louis in the Theoretical Chemistry Sector at the University of Cambridge. Prior to this I did a BSc in Physics at King's College London and an Msc at St Hugh's College at the University of Oxford.

My research focuses on the coarse-graining of the dynamics of suspensions, including both Hydrodynamic and Brownian forces.

Project description

When suspended particles move in a background fluid, they experience random kicks (Brownian motion), but also generate long-ranged hydrodynamic flows. This project would use a new computer simulation method, stochastic rotation dynamics (SRD) that includes both these effects, to study flow properties of complex fluids. There is also scope for more mathematical approaches combining non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and hydrodynamics to explain some of the dramatic effects we are seeing. Examples of applications include dynamic lane formation, fluctuations during sedimentation, and flow in porous media. For more information (and pretty movies), see presentations and look under the "Stochastic Rotation Dynamics" heading

CPGS : Effect of Brownian Forces and Hydrodynamic Interactions on Colloids in Confined Flows

Good times. From left to right: Mathieu, Etienne, Me and Tawa. Brazil, Summer 2004.